Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Exploring Sandy Hook, Snowy Owls

     A friend and I went looking for seals at Sandy Hook Gateway National Recreation Area with no luck. We did however come across Snowy Owls, four of them! From the lookout near the tip, we spotted the first Owl way off in the distance sitting on a post. 

We tried to make a path closer to it but was blocked by a tidal river.

On our hike around the river towards the tip, still looking for the first owl, we came upon this guy who thought he was well hidden.

When he had enough of our encroachment he took off for the edge of the bay, resulting in an awesome display.

This one has The Freedom Tower in the background.

We followed him for a bit trying to get some more shots but he took off for the bay side of the hook...

Which led us directly into owl number 3. Sitting in the brush just off the main trail back to the observation deck

He took off pretty fast, we were out in the open.

The last one we saw walking the trail back off to the right.

I managed to creep through the brush to get pretty close for another shot.

It was an outstanding morning at Sandy Hook to say the least!
I plan on heading back one more time before the snow hits and we can't find them

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