Friday, December 27, 2013

Exploring Sandy Hook

Horseshoe Cove,  Sandy Hook

Horseshoe Cove,  Sandy Hook

Horseshoe Cove,  Sandy Hook

Maximum Destruction! Found sitting just like this on the beach, ready for more destruction.

Forgotten Past

Branch Bokeh 

Horseshoe Cove,  Sandy Hook

All in all were just another brick in the wall - Inner wall of a former bunker

Officers Row - NIKE Missles

What Sign? I didn't see any sign...

Old bunker on Sandy Hook

Not my normal style but the shells looked pink at this angle so I had to

Crash into me

Shadowed Light


Navesink Twin Lights

If I spent every day for a year exploring at Sandy Hook, I would barely scratch the surface.
It is steeped in history back to before the civil war and strewn with artifacts and ruins throughout.
It is also one of the best birding sights in the northeast. Today I was searching out some harbor seals that were spotted in the morning with no luck. I didn't catch the recent snowy owl invasion either, but I always come away with something!

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