Monday, June 9, 2014

The Creativity Project | Storytelling


Some people look at me like I am crazy for the amount of sea glass I have collected this month!
"It's just glass" they say...
I look at it another way...
 This story is about me collecting but each piece of glass has its own story.
It has been on its own adventure from creation by man to art form by nature.
Ravaged by storms, unknown origins, lengths of travel, and age. Hints of writing give me clues.
One piece said Keyport, NJ on it, another said ART...
All of them have been on their own journeys driven by man and nature.
Here are my photos from my collecting adventures.
The entrance to my little sea glass beach

My cleaning set up with home made sifter and bench made from a pallet.

This is what 2400 pieces of sea glass looks like. All collected from the same beach in 5 or 6 short trips there.

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You can find more pics by me at DTB Photography

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