Monday, February 9, 2015

The Creativity Project - Red

The Creativity Project

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“Red", I write "is the color of life. It's blood, passion, rage. It's menstrual flow and after birth. Beginnings and violent ends. Red is the color of love. Beating hearts and hungry lips. Roses, Valentines, cherries. Red is the color of shame. Crimson cheeks and spilled blood. Broken hearts, opened veins. A burning desire ..."
― Mary HoganPretty Face

I wasn't sure what to do with this theme but when I looked I already had a few "red" images I've taken so far this year. Thank you for visiting and please continue the circle over to Erica's Page. To leave your own "Red" image, click over to The Creativity Projects page and post there.  You can find more from me at
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