Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Creativity Project 

- Art -

     What is art? To me art is much like love, it is in the eye of the beholder. Like love, there are many types of art. From the stick figures of our youths to the Mona Lisa, it is all art.
Like love, Its worth is wrapped in emotion and self reflection. A drawing from my daughter is worth more to me than any professional painting ever could. Is art the graffiti on the walls? The knitted sweater, the handmade jewelry, a favorite poem? The arrangement on the table? The lines in the sand? Is not every piece of sea glass art that was created by the sea itself? Is it in the click of a shutter? It is what we see in an ordinary moment, twisted to reflect our vision. A small piece of ourselves in every photo. Are all of these things art? Of course they are! Art is Everything!
Art is as infinite as love... Art is love.

Infinite as love
Adored among the masses
Art imitates life

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