Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holidays - The Creativity Project

Holiday Traditions

       Of all the themes and genres I've captured over the years, "Holiday" seems to be the hardest.
Most of my family has grown and had their own families, doing their own things during the holidays.
It used to be we would all gather at Nana's house and celebrate each holiday there. Our family grew too large for her house to accommodate us anymore. Old age is also taking its toll on her these days, as it will us all.  The change is hard but we carry on our own holiday traditions now.  This year's newest holiday tradition will be an ugly sweater contest at the request of my younger nieces and nephews. It is something we have never done and I plan to make the craziest one! I will post pics as soon as they are finished!

Here is my take on the Holidays so far this year.

She is what the Holidays are all about for me...

She is the angel on my tree.

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I hope you all enjoy your holidays, whatever ones you celebrate!


  1. I love these sweet shots.. that's what it's all about! And I love that you have a real live angel for your tree.. :)

  2. i share your sentiment. i'm not much into the holidays, so i had a tiny challenge coming up with what to shoot as well , as i have zero decorations in my home as of yet. but you DO, and i adore the simple, subtle sweetness of it all. love the bokeh lights :)

  3. The family grows and moves on but he memories stay.

  4. Love all the images in black and white! I love the very last one with your angel.. very sweet

  5. First of all, I love all these images in b/w. Your "favorite" angel is beautiful...Merry Christmas.

  6. Love the bokeh, but what I really love the most is seeing Hailey's beautiful face!

  7. Your Hailey is a beauty. I am so thankful that you have her to celebrate this season alongside. Aren't children the greatest blessing in the world. I don't know what I would do without my Kaish : ).

    Your blog is great. Thank you for sharing the pictures in this format. Love, Becky

  8. Thank you for sharing your CHRISTmas with me, I had no CHRISTmas here at all so I had mine through other's pictures, so Yours made my day and Your angel is absolutely beautiful, I miss my daughter when she was that age, she's grown now and out on her own starting her own Christmas traditions, you are so lucky to still have her at home for a few more years!! Enjoy them while they last, I loved all the pictures thank You for sharing them with us all.