Monday, March 10, 2014

The Creativity Project | Fur Babies

The Creativity Project | Fur Babies

Most of the animals I come into contact are wild...

Some travel from far away..

Some are feral strays.

Some come wearing coats of wool.

Some are foxy!

Most of them come with feathers

Some of them wade

Some of them demand you bask in their glory.

Some are friends

Some are symbols...

Some are shrouded in fog...

Some like to bask on logs.

Some like to cross the road, with out being questioned why.

Some of them have claws...

Well, most of them have claws!

Some are Golden

Some are living art

Some of them can even captivate a nation.

Some of them are looking for love.

Some are looking to get away! (from me!)

Some are only seen basking in the Sun.

Some of them are perfectly placed.

Some of them jump into space.

Some of them mock you.

Some of them even help you put the Sun to bed,

Thank you for visiting and checking out my take on this month's Creativity Project theme.
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Thanks Again! 

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  1. Oh! I love the fox! And the feral kitty! And the owl. And your pet! I laughed out loud about the chicken crossing the road : ). Very funny! I am so glad you are a part of our circle. Thanks for taking the time to put this great post together. I wanted to go to the shore to see those beautiful owls this winter but I never made it down. Lovely.

    1. Thank you! Believe it or not the owls are still here!

  2. Love the words you picked to go with each one! Beautiful shots, all, but I love the last one the best!

    1. Incredible set of images, Dan! I LOVE the eagle; what a great capture! And the owl, and heron, and...and... what does the fox say? :D Well done, sir.. well done!

  3. stunning images, I miss being able to wander around and watch wild animals. Used to wander through the forest for hours when I was a kid. Beautiful shots Dan, well done !

  4. So clever and artful.
    I felt like I was reading a Shel Silverstein poem.

  5. ha! i LOVED, both, the images and the words!!! i felt like you took me on a journey : )
    (ALL of them are living art, that foxy one is my fav, tho that last one is absolutely stunning)
    you are great at nature shots!

  6. Such a great great post! You have such an eye & heart for all of nature.

  7. Love the coat of wool photo! Wow! Basking on the log! That's awesome! I could see all these photos in a fun science book or museums! Love them all!