Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Creativity Project Monthly Theme - Feet, Hands, Bodies, Wrinkles, Age.

The Creativity Project
Monthly Theme
 Feet, Hands, Bodies, Wrinkles, Age.

This month has been a rough one. Hectic to say the least. I had many ideas in store for this theme but I didn't make it around to doing any of it. Hopefully I will get some done during the month and add to the blog and project. I just took these shots of my talented sister painting faces at a local country jamboree event. She has been through the ringer lately with a botched surgery on her back, loss of job because if it and limited mobility. She is so artistic it floors me. I give you these hands of hers. They carry talent, creativity and artistry, love, but most of all, strength and perseverance. She could barely move but brought smiles to so many faces. It was great to watch all the kids light up when they saw their faces.

 These hands bring smiles!

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  1. Wow, that's some awesome face-painting there! I know my little girl would definitely be queuing to have her turn to get something like that.

  2. Oh my Danny! Thank you so much! This is awesome! I love you too baby brother! :)

  3. That's so beautiful. Cool that she could manage to bring smiles to so many faces--I'm sure she could not help smiling back. Hope she finds relief and healing.

  4. You can tell that she brings joy to many! I love her art. Awesome post, Dan! : )

  5. Very sweet! She is talented! I hope her luck turns around soon :)

  6. Wow wow wow! She really is talented! I love her work, and I'm so sad that she is in pain. I hope she heals and feels better soon. (And I hope she has many more chances to bring joy to children with her art!)

  7. bless your sister, her strength, her heART, her hands and the smiles she brought to these little faces. this is face painting done AWESOME right here! really talented work, she does (and you are a really amazing brother, dan). never cease to amaze me, sir. lovely, lovely, love-filled post xo

    1. I so love your comments each month! :D Thank you