Monday, May 12, 2014

The Creativity Project Monthly Theme | Treasure

Most treasures cant be measured in material things. How does one measure a gentle breeze, or the way a morning bird sings? How does one measure the warmth of an embrace, or the fire that burns in the heart for a loving face?
These are some of the things I treasure...

I treasure seeing endangered birds, one of less than 8000 adults remaining.

I treasure trees budding flowers in Spring.
I treasure the bounties of prehistoric seas...

Shells of all shapes and sizes.

I treasure Sunsets and Sunrises..

and the rest of life's little surprises.

The way tulips dance in the wind

sunlight through a bloom.
I treasure the Earth, the Stars, the Moon.
One man's trash, is another mans treasure (sea glass)

Of course the thing I treasure most of all, stands just about 5 feet tall!

"Our nations children are our greatest asset and our most precious treasure"  ~C. Dodd

I wanted to do so much more for this here but life has a way of changing things around for ya!
Thanks for checking out my blog, please continue the circle over to Kris's page and
explore what wonderful treasures she has to offer!
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  1. Wonderful collection of treasures!

  2. I couldn't wait to get to your post! Love it!

  3. I think the Jersey shore has a million treasures! Awesome post. I am glad you were able to put something together. Thank you for taking the time. Your daughter is beautiful. She looks like she is a lot of fun!

  4. Dan, there are so many beautiful images. I loves the sharks teeth and of course your most beautiful treasure of all, your daughter.

  5. Amazing treasures right under our noses. Terrific photos.

  6. Dan, I love the seashells and you always take sweet moments of your daughter! Love that ! Great images

  7. (((smiles))) because your blogs has already made me look at the world and treasure the things within it so much more...loved this post and the tiny details in it ^_^